Miss Lara played by Jenny, Game Over

Game Over (Awakenings Festival 2005)
Miss Lara wise lady of fortune is on the run
Funded by RE Ross Trust, Croxton School
and the Department of Human Services

The Mechanic played by Eddie

Nature Boy played by Bill

The Millionaire played by Uyen

Michael Jack Jackson, The Muffin Man, played by Jack

Introducing Family Dog Circus (Art of Difference & Awakenings Festival 2004)
physical theatre, puppetry & projections, exploring the humble dog
Funded by Artists for Kids Culture Trust, Croxton School and the Alfred Felton Trust

Anthony, Introducing Family Dog Circus

Sammantha & Maree, demonstrating puppetry of the tail

John (teacher) assisting Zitta & Jenny, rehearsals

Luke (trainer) assists Zaynab, Eddie & Uyen,prepare for thigh stand

Zaynab, Eddie & Uyen, thigh stand

Zitta trying to move a bad dog (Daniel on tall stilts)

Luke, Sammantha, Leesa, Daniel, Uyen, Zaynab, Julian,
Maree, Zitta, John,Anthony, Jack, Debbie, Aimee , Julian,
Jenny, Eddie, Bill, Madeline & Sarina,
Art of Difference 2004


Daniel, Sammantha, Jack, Julian & Julian, Eddie & Leesa,

Jack & Julian

John (teacher)

Anthony & Sarina

Daniel on tall stilts

Maree recording her thoughts

Westside Circus Excursion 2004

Leesa & Luke assist Jack on the trapeze

Jet Blue Moon (Awakenings Festival 2003)
a dreamy seascape combining dance, circus, puppetry and animation
Funded by Artists for Kids Culture Trust and the Department of Human Services

Anna, Zaynab, Konnie & Bill

Daniel with Lantern boat

Anna & Zaynab

Anna (sea urchin mask), Konnie, John, passing Bishop, Bill ,
Daniel (shark mask), Zaynab, Debbie,
Eddie & Leesa holding Mermaid puppet,
Backstage, Awakenings Festival 2003

B4U Fly Off (Art of Difference Festival 2003, Darebin & Awakenings Festival 2002)
a space flight, a clown crew, musical costumes that HOOOONK!
Funded by Arts Victoria

Merophie (trainer), Daniel, Maree, Konnie, Pablo, Zaynab, Bill, Eddie

Lune O'Connor, Trainer 2004-2005
Aimee Murphy, Volunteer 2004
Zitta Whalley, Volunteer 2004
Madeline Hodge, Volunteer 2004
Konnie Konips, Volunteer 2002-2003
Pablo Calero, Volunteer 2002
Shontal Klose, Percussionist 2002
Carmen Reid, Costume Designer Maker 2002